Excellence and Impact for the Future of
Saudi Arabia


Welcome to the second KAUST Research Open Week 2023, a new opportunity to bring science to the heart of our community and celebrate the excellent research in KAUST, following the success of our inaugural KAUST Research Open Week in 2021.


The particular context of KAUST Research Open Week 2021 was the COVID-19 crisis. Since the outbreak, the world has been rapidly adapting and transforming and is now embracing a post-pandemic future, measuring the impressive impact that “science and technology — and innovation” have recently had in saving human lives, on maintaining human interactions and preserving our vital and social activities. Science “prepared to make real-world impact” will always be our biggest hope in facing the uncertainties of the future, our best chance for adapting to future challenges and our best asset for turning those challenges into opportunities for the future.


Our research is rooted in the community and unique environment where we live, anchored to KAUST’s vision and mission to serve the “people of the Kingdom and the World,” committed to making impact. With the Kingdom now more prepared than ever to realize “Saudi Vision 2030” through its newly adopted national Research, Development and Innovation (RDI) mandates, KROW is a timely opportunity for our researchers to showcase with our partners in the Kingdom the extent of our engagement toward the national RDI aspirations of Saudi Arabia.


The theme for KAUST Research Open Week 2023, “Research for the Future of Saudi Arabia,” will be the “overarching theme” of our week-long interactions. The agenda also purposely aligns with the Kingdom’s RDI agenda. Each of the national RDI priorities of “Health and Wellness,” “Sustainable Environment and Supply of Essential Needs,” “Energy and Industrial Leadership,” and “Economies of the Future” is covered with one full KROW day of presentations, demonstrations and discussions, where a large number of keynote speakers from KAUST and the Kingdom will engage with our guests and colleagues on very timely research topics. Leading global experts will also join us to explore new directions that should drive KAUST’s research toward the realization of our national impact aspirations. Many projects we have with our partners and collaborators in the Kingdom will be showcased. KROW will also be a great opportunity to network with university, industry and governmental leaders, faculty, researchers, and students. Come experience the amazing research at KAUST by joining university lab visits and tours.


Please join us for KAUST Research Open Week 2023, here at KAUST, from Feb 27-March 2, 2023. We look forward to meeting you to explore the future of research in Saudi Arabia.


Pierre Magistretti
Vice President for Research and Distinguished Professor of Bioscience