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Please note the posters will be available all day from 10 am – 5 pm – don’t miss out!


The Poster Session will be taking place in the KAUST Library, with researchers presenting their latest work in science and engineering. Each day will focus on a different thrust: Sunday: Water; Monday: Digital; Tuesday: Environment; Wednesday: Energy; Thursday: Food & Health. This is a great opportunity to learn about the excellent work performed in KAUST and network with fellow researchers, so don't forget to stop by! A prize will be awarded every day for the "Best Poster." 


Please join our Networking Lunches from 12-1 pm in the same venue, open to all KAUST researchers and collaborators, while enjoying music presented live by the KAUST community DJ club (The Ministry of Disc Jockeys).

The complete list of posters can be found below.


Day 1 – November 28: Water



Presenter: Hari Ananda Rao 

Title: Recycling biosolids to hydrogen energy and bio-plastics production


Presenter: Harun Elcik

Title: Multi-effect distillation (MED) brine treatment by membrane distillation: Evaluating the membrane performance and scaling behavior


Presenter: Julian Tobon-Gonzalez

Title: Marine anammox bacteria: energy-efficient treatment of saline wastewater


Presenter: Kasper Johansen 

Title: Tracking Coastal Water Flows with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles


Presenter: Kees Theo Huisman

Title: Smart process operation to modulate biofilm development and improve system performance in membrane filtration


Presenter: Kennedy Odokonyero

Title: Nature-inspired Wax-coated Jute Bags as Sustainable Technologies for Reducing Postharvest Losses of Stored Grains


Presenter: Laura Milena Pulido Beltran 

Title: Early biofouling detection and enhanced cleaning protocols for biofouling control in membrane filtration processes


Presenter: Luisa Javier 

Title: Feed water nutrient composition: impact on biofilm growth and performance of desalination membranes


Presenter: Mohammed Alomari 

Title: Aerobic Granular Sludge (AGS) Process for Energy-efficient Treatment of Saline Wastewater


Presenter: Mustakeem Mustakeem

Title: Water desalination using Membrane distillation integrated with localized heating


Presenter: Natalia Franco Clavijo 

Title: Operational performance parameters and biofilm characterization in a membrane filtration system fed with real seawater


Presenter: Shuo Zhang 

Title: Integrating advanced oxidative process and anaerobic membrane bioreactor as an efficient and sustainable solution to treat petroleum refinery wastewater


Presenter: Ting Li 

Title: Three decades of center-pivot dynamics: a retrospective analysis of agricultural development in Saudi Arabia


Poster by students from Saudi National Advancement programs

Saudi Research Science Institute (SRSI)

Presenter: Elaf Alahdal 

Title: Wastewater-based epidemiology as a tool to track SARS-COV-2 at KAUST, KSA

Institution: Secondary Gifted School, Jeddah



Saudi Graduate Recruiting and Development program (SGRD)

Presenter: Fatimah Alqahtani 

Title: Direct detection of Hg(II) in tap water using non-faradaic impedimetric nano-sensors 

Institution: King Saud University


Presenter: Mohammed Alabdullah 

Title: Measuring Radon Concentrations in Drinking Water Using RAD7 Detector 

Institution: King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals


Presenter: Wid Nashar

Title: Constructing pEERM1_acpS recombinant vector for enhancing lipid production in marine Cyanobacteria 

Institution: King Abdulaziz University & KAUST


KAUST Gifted Student Program (KGSP)

Presenter: Mohammed Ali O Bader

Title: Engineering anode-biofilm microbiome in microbial electrolysis cell for maximizing H2 recovery from wastewater 

Institution: Virginia Tech., US



Presenter: Aijaz Lone 

Title: Neuromorphic Spintronics: Employing Spin of the Electron for Brain Inspired Computing


Presenter: Aniq Ur Rahman 

Title: Shadow Networks for Bridging the Digital Divide


Presenter: Arnaud Dethise

Title: Extracting Exact Explanations of Neural Networks


Presenter: Deyao Zhu 

Title: Motion Forecasting with Unlikelihood Training in Continuous Space


Presenter: Florian Rist 

Title: Sustainable Architectural Design Facilitated by Simulation


Presenter: Gulafshan Gulafshan

Title: A Multi-Functional logic-in-memory cell and Approximate Adder for Energy Efficient Image Processing


Presenter: Ioannis Zografopoulos 

Title: Side Channel and Fault Injection Attacks on Embedded Systems


Presenter: Ivan Skorokhodov

Title: Adversarial Generation of Continuous Images


Presenter: Jun Chen

Title: VisualGPT: Data-efficient Adaptation of Pretrained Language Models for Image Captioning


Presenter: Nour Kouzayha 

Title: Leveraging UAVs for efficient RF Wake-Up and Data Collection from battery-limited Internet of Things devices


Presenter: Oliver Lopez

Title: Leveraging Google Earth Engine for automated agricultural mapping and water use estimation at national scale


Presenter: Sakhaa Alsaedi 

Title: Automated genetic-based medical diagnostic system for treatment of infectious diseases using causal machine learning


Presenter: Xiaopeng Xu 

Title: Impact of computational approaches in the fight against COVID-19: an AI guided review of 17,000 studies


Poster by students from Saudi National Advancement programs

Saudi Research Science Institute (SRSI)

Presenter: Hussain Alsaif

Title: Scheduling deep learning (DL) jobs: What is best for KAUST? 

Institution: Rowad Alkhaleej, Qatif


Presenter: Sohailh Marie 

Title: Omnidirectional data detection by underwater wireless optical communication 

Institution: Riyadh Schools for Boys and Girls, Riyadh



Saudi Graduate Recruiting and Development program (SGRD)

Presenter: Ahmed Alrabiah 

Title: Valley Filtering in Strained Graphene 

Institution: King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals


Presenter: Majdah Alshammari 

Title: Modified Convolutional Neural Networks for MRI based Images for Detection and Stage Classification of Alzheimer Disease 

Institution: University of Hail


Presenter: Renad bin Rushud

Title: Multi Criteria Study of the Effect and Risks on Human Physiology and Psychology in Aerospace and the Effect of the Robotics Alternative in Space Communication and Exploration

Institution: Princess Nourah Bint Abdul Rahman University


Presenter: Samah Alhusayni

Title: Enhancing Security in Internet of Things Environment by Developing an Authentication Mechanism using COAP Protocol 

Institution: Taif University


KAUST Gifted Student Program (KGSP)

Presenter: Faisal Yousef A Alsalloum

Title: Truss Structures in Robotic, Self-Configurable Systems

Institution: University of Pennsylvania, US


Presenter: Kumail Habib H Al Hamoud

Title: Home University Research Project: Harnessing Quantum Computing to Improve the State-of-the-Art in Solving Industrial-Scale Scheduling Problems 

Institution: Cornell University, US


Presenter: Nouf Hafez O Alamri

Title: Simultaneous Communications and Localization Low Cost Sensing Systems 

Institution: Boston University, US & KAUST



Presenter: Abdulelah Alkesaiberi

Title: Efficient forecasting of wind power using machine learning methods


Presenter: Alison Green

Title: Providing a Scientific Basis for Designing Networks of Marine Protected Areas in the Red Sea


Presenter: Diana Gulyas Oldal

Title: Electrospun Nanofibrous Mats with Tunable Porosity obtained from Green Resources


Presenter: Emad Al Ibrahim

Title: Supervised denoising for selective multi-species quantification from vibrational spectroscopy data


Presenter: Eva Aylagas Martinez

Title: A suit of advanced monitoring techniques for a collaborative Coral Reef Assessment in The Red Sea and Amaala Projects area


Presenter: Gengwu Zhang

Title: Intrinsically porous molecular materials based liquid-liquid extraction for energy-intensive separations


Presenter: Giusy Briola

Title: Ecologically friendly biofunctional ink for reconstruction of rigid living systems under wet conditions


Presenter: Hassnain Abbas Khan

Title: Mixed metal oxides for catalytic oxidation of methane


Presenter: Itzell Hernandezsanchez Sanchez 

Title: Stress Granules (SGs) lab: The biology and dynamics of plants SGs


Presenter: Jesse Cochran

Title: Red Sea Megafauna Research


Presenter: Joyce Cavalcante Da Silva

Title: Recycling of used face masks


Presenter: Khairiah Alwutayd

Title: Hydropriming: the plant endophyte Pseudomonas argenenensis SA190 induces drought tolerance in plants via reprograming aquaporin expression and water use efficiency


Presenter: Malak Abdallah

Title: Development of high-density phosphite utilizing strains of the photosynthetic microalga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii for sustainable recombinant protein production and biomanufacturing


Presenter: Philip Mitchell

Title: Limits to population growth on the Arabian Peninsula


Presenter: Razan Yahya

Title: Sustainable bio-production of the natural rubber monomer isoprene from carbon dioxide using the engineered green microalga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii


Presenter: Selma Amara

Title: Magnetic monitoring of the atmospheric pollution


Presenter: Yasser Abualnaja

Title: Cumulative Pressure Hotspot Assessment in the Red Sea and Arabian Gulf


Presenter: Zac Forsman

Title: Floating Coral Nurseries: a platform for coral reef mariculture and ecosystem enhancement


Presenter: Zhen Li

Title: Continuous Electrical Pumping Membrane Process for Seawater Lithium Mining


Poster by students from Saudi National Advancement programs

Saudi Research Science Institute (SRSI)

Presenter: Ali Alali

Title: Controlled combustion of Ammonia for Eco-friendly Energy 

Institution: Kifah Academy, AlHofouf


Presenter: Sarah Alabbad 

Title: The role of symbiosis in cnidarian regeneration 

Institution: 5th High School in Sihat, Dammam 


Saudi Graduate Recruiting and Development program (SGRD)

Presenter: Alhanouf Alhazzany

Title: Using Satellites to Identify Plastic in Marine Debris 

Institution: Princess Nourah Bint Abdul Rahman University


Presenter: Bushra Alalmai

Title: POLY - Smart Plastic Waste Container

Institution: Princess Nourah Bint Abdul Rahman University


Presenter: Ghaddah Mualla

Title: Attachable Hydroponic Gardening and Its Impact on Overpopulated Cities 

Institution: University of Prince Muqrin Bin Abdulaziz


Presenter: Lama Alhammad 

Title: Sustainable Development for Indoor Air Quality and Energy Efficiency 

Institution: Princess Nourah Bint Abdul Rahman University


Presenter: Wafaa Alzahrani 

Title: Jasmonates mediate plant defense responses to Spodoptera exigua herbivory in tomato and maize foliage 

Institution: King Abdulaziz University


KAUST Gifted Student Program (KGSP)

Presenter: Ahmed Salah D Aljohani 

Title: Effects of cardenolides of milkweed plants on immunity of the monarch butterfly 

Institution: Emory University, US


Presenter: Ghanimah Nasser Abuhaimed

Title: Laughing Gas and Climate Change: How Are They Related?: Nitrous Oxide Detection Using Direct Absorption Spectroscopy with Distributed Feedback Quantum Cascade Laser (DFB-QCL) 

Institution: University of Colorado Boulder, US & KAUST


Presenter: Rawan Abdullah S Alshehri 

Title: Materials for the Simultaneous Entrapment and Catalytic Aerobic Oxidative Removal of Sulfur Mustard Simulants 

Institution: Emory University, US



Presenter: Abdullah Alshehri 

Title: Power-Efficient MCML D-Latch with Cross-Coupled Transistors Load for High Speed Processors


Presenter: Abhay Dokania

Title: Empowering a Circular Carbon Economy via Multi-Functional Heterogeneous Catalysis


Presenter: Aessa Alabdrabalnabi

Title: Utilization of machine learning to predict the products' yields from co-pyrolysis of biomass and waste polymers


Presenter: Ahmad Kahiel

Title: Assessment of Energy Storage Systems Applicability in Saudi Arabia


Presenter: Carolina Arias Gallego

Title: Simulation of thermal conversion of algal biomass using Aspen Plus V11


Presenter: Eman Alhajji

Title: Status and Prospects of 3D Graphene by Laser Irradiation for Advanced Battery Applications


Presenter: Farah Souayfane

Title: Towards Sustainable Energy-Efficient Buildings in KSA: A Weather-Clustering and Energy-Thermal Comfort Optimization Approach


Presenter: Furkan Isikgor

Title: Concurrent cationic and anionic perovskite defect passivation enables 27.4% textured perovskite/silicon tandems with suppression of halide segregation


Presenter: Gontzal Lezcano 

Title: Improved catalyst for oxidative coupling of methane by micro-scale engineering


Presenter: Janardhanraj Subburaj

Title: Shockwave-assisted crystallographic modifications in TiO2 nanoparticles


Presenter: Jinan Aljaziri

Title: Kinetic and product analysis of the pyrolysis of Salicornia bigelovii under CO2 and N2 atmospheres


Presenter: Jonathan Peterson

Title: Experimental Study of the Role of Intermediate Temperature Heat Release on Octane Sensitivity


Presenter: Juan Camilo Giraldo Delgado

Title: Prediction of pollutant emissions, fuel consumption, and engine efficiency of conventional and hybrid engines using Artificial Neural Networks


Presenter: Mohammed Alghadeer 

Title: Reduction of Coherent Losses in Superconducting Quantum Circuits by Surface Passivation with Self-Assembled Monolayer


Presenter: Myriam Belmekki

Title: Symmetric Ethers as Bio-derived Fuels: Reactivity with OH Radicals


Presenter: Naydu Paola Zambrano Urrutia

Title: An analytical workflow applied to the characterization of the feedstock and products from the catalytic cracking of a pre-treated maritime transport residue


Presenter: Omar Behar

Title: The use of solar energy in copper mining industry


Presenter: Rongyu Lin

Title: Low resistance III-nitride tunnel junction design based on machine learning


Presenter: Shatha Alabbad

Title: A Study of the Impact of Hydrogen Transfer Reactions on Production of Olefins


Presenter: Shynggys Zhumagali

Title: Linked nickel oxide/perovskite interface passivation for high-performance textured monolithic tandem solar cells


Presenter: Vishal Khandelwal

Title: Elastic constants of InAlN, BAlN and BGaN emerging wide bandgap semiconductors.


Presenter: Zhiyuan Liu

Title: Polarization modulation for high-efficiency UV LED


Poster by students from Saudi National Advancement programs

Saudi Research Science Institute (SRSI)

Presenter: Hatoon Alanqary

Title: Electrode Material Design for Zinc-ion Batteries 

Institution: Tarbiyah Islamiyah School, Riyadh


Presenter: Mohammad Tawfiq

Title: Converting Solar Energy into Bioproducts from CO2 in Microbial Electrosynthesis Coupled with BiVO4/Mo/FTO Photoanode 

Institution: King Fahad University of Petroleum and Minerals



Saudi Graduate Recruiting and Development program (SGRD)

Presenter: Fai Alismail 

Title: Overview of Pulse Oximetry: A Practical Design and Experimental Data 

Institution: King Faisal University


Presenter: Mohammed Almusallam

Title: Thermal Modelling of Induction Machines 

Institution: The University of Adelaide, Australia


Presenter: Rahaf Ahmad 

Title: Aerobic Oxidative Desulfurization of Liquid Fuel Catalyzed by P–Mo–V Heteropoly Acids in the Presence of Aldehyde 

Institution: University of Jeddah


Presenter: Rawan Alsahli

Title: Efficient Hydrogen Production Electrocatalytic Using Hydrothermal Synthesized Sn-TNT

Institution: Taibah University


Presenter: Reem Albarrak

Title: Maintaining Solar Energy at Night 

Institution: Princess Nourah Bint Abdul Rahman University


KAUST Gifted Student Program (KGSP)

Presenter: Aessa Hassan A Alabdrabalnabi

Title: Utilization of machine learning to predict the products' yields from co-pyrolysis of biomass and waste polymers 

Institution: Pennsylvania State University, US & KAUST


Presenter: Jinan Abdulkareem Aljaziri 

Title: Biomass Pyrolysis 

Institution: University of Wisconsin-Madison, US & KAUST



Presenter: Amal Alghamdi 

Title: Exploration of mangrove's associated bacteria as a biological tool for plant sustainability under salinity stress conditions


Presenter: Anamika Rawat

Title: Salinity-stress induced phosphorylation of INDETERMINATE-DOMAIN 4 (IDD4) regulates plant-growth adaptation in Arabidopsis


Presenter: André Victor Ribeiro Amaral 

Title: Modeling Infectious Disease Dynamics: Integrating Contact Tracing-based Stochastic Compartment and Spatio-temporal Risk Models


Presenter: Anna Siodmak 

Title: MPK4 - the effect of oxidative signaling on biotic stress response


Presenter: Clara Stanschewski

Title: Quinoa, a nutritious crop with high salinity tolerance


Presenter: Elodie Rey

Title: Uncovering the wild genetic diversity in Chenopodium spp. for improvement of heat stress tolerance in quinoa.


Presenter: Fatimah Abdulhakim 

Title: Understanding the Role of G3BP1 in Plant Stresses


Presenter: Mhanna Mhanna 

Title: Selective BTEX Measurements Using Deep Neural Networks


Presenter: Nahed Mohammed

Title: The KSA Native Genome Project


Presenter: Nathaly Rodriguez Ortiz

Title: Rootstocks for delivery of salt-tolerant grafted tomatoes


Presenter: Prabhu Manickam

Title: Investigation and Characterization the role of Arabidopsis Universal Stress Protein (USP1) in Plant immunity


Presenter: Shuruq Alsuhaymi

Title: Metabolic Profiling Analysis of Four Date Palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.) Cultivars from Saudi Arabia and Tunisia Using UHPLC/ESI-qTOF-MS and GC-MS Analysis


Presenter: Tutku Beduk

Title: Rapid Point-of-Care COVID-19 Diagnosis with a Machine Learning-Enabled Variant Recognition Platform


Presenter: Walaa Khushaim

Title: Electrochemical aptasensor based on porous carbon nitride modified laser-scribed graphene for the detection of cardiac troponin I


Poster by students from Saudi National Advancement programs

Saudi Research Science Institute (SRSI)

Presenter: Lama Alahdal

Title: Comparative genomic studies of Saudi COVID-19 viruses 

Institution: Dar Al-Fikr School, Jeddah


Presenter: Rund Aldossary 

Title: CRISPR-CasRx mediated virus interference 

Institution: Imam Abdulrahman University, Dammam


Saudi Graduate Recruiting and Development program (SGRD)

Presenter: Aishah Asiri

Title: Effects of Asiatic Acid on Neurite Outgrowth in Neuro-2a Cells 

Institution: Eastern Illinois University, US


Presenter: Azza Alajlan

Title: Sustainability Model for Digital Health Solutions in Healthcare 

Institution: King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals


Presenter: Khulud Allsmail

Title: Designing and utilizing carbon nano tubes-based field effect transistors technology for detecting P53 protein in cancer cells 

Institution: King Faisal University


Presenter: Osama Alsaati

Title: Food, Health, Microeconomics and Statistics 

Institution: Clark Atlanta University, US


Presenter: Sami Alshehri

Title: The Effect of Fasting on Normal and Cancer Cells with Chemotherapy Responses

Institution: Coventry University, UK



KAUST Gifted Student Program (KGSP)

Presenter: Ahmed Salah D Aljohani

Title: Exploring the bioactivity of Zaxinone and its mimics in Pearl millet

Institution: Emory University, US & KAUST

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