Congratulations to all the winners!  


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Scientific Talks
1st Place Julie Melissa Sanchez Medina, Ph.D student, WDRC, KAUST
Presentation: Disrupting the current municipal wastewater treatment paradigm through anaerobic membrane bioreactor
2nd PlaceLakshmeesha Upadhyaya, Post-doc, AMPM, KAUST
Presentation: Hollow fiber-based membrane dehumidification using ionic liquid.  Sustainable materials to process
3rd Place    

Dario Rangel Shaw, Post-doc, WDRC, KAUST

Presentation: Electro-anammox: A novel anaerobic process for the oxidation of ammonium by anammox bacteria

Poster Session
1st Place Mustakeem Mustakeem, Ph.D student, WDRC, KAUST
Presentation: Water desalination using Membrane distillation integrated with localized heating
2nd PlaceShuo Zhang, Post-doc, WDRC, KAUST
Presentation: Integrating advanced oxidative process and anaerobic membrane bioreactor as an efficient and sustainable solution to treat petroleum refinery wastewater
3rd Place    

Julian Tobon-Gonzalez, PhD student, WDRC, KAUST

Presentation: Marine anammox bacteria: energy-efficient treatment of saline wastewater

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Jose L. Cerrillo, Post-doc, KCC, KAUST

Scientific Talks
1st Place Mohamed Shalaby, Research scientist, VCC, KAUST
Presentation: Drone delivery is not only cost effective, but also environmentally friendly
2nd PlaceSameh Abdulah, Research scientist, ECRC, KAUST
Presentation: Large-Scale Geospatial Data Science Using ExaGeoStat
3rd Place   

Ahmed Bader, Post-doc, CEMSE, KAUST

Presentation: Mobility Analytics

Poster Session
1st Place Gulafshan Gulafshan, Visiting student, CEMSE, KAUST
Presentation: A Multi-Functional logic-in-memory cell and Approximate Adder for Energy Efficient Image Processing
2nd PlaceHussain Alsaif, SRSI student, Rowad Alkhaleej, Qatif
PresentationScheduling deep learning (DL) jobs: What is best for KAUST? 

3rd Place   

Sohailh Marie, SRSI student, Riyadh Schools for Boys and Girls, Riyadh

Presentation: Omnidirectional data detection by underwater wireless optical communication

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Maria (Marifer) F. Veloz Castillo, Ph.D. student, KAUST

Scientific Talks
1st Place 

Hamed Albalawi, KAUST

Presentation: Coral Restoration through 3D Printing and Fabrication 

2nd Place

Juan Camilo Moreno Beltran, Research scientist, CDA, KAUST

Presentation: Single gene bioengineering as starting point to produce a new generation of super crops with enhanced photosynthetic efficiency, stress tolerance, plant yield, and nutritional content 

3rd Place  

Malika Kheireddine, Research scientist, RSRC, KAUST

Presentation: What is The Science we need for the ocean we want?

Poster Session
1st Place Jesse Cochran, Research scientist, RSRC, KAUST
Presentation: Red Sea Megafauna Research
2nd PlaceAlison Green, Research scientist, RSRC, KAUST
Presentation: Providing a Scientific Basis for Designing Networks of Marine Protected Areas in the Red Sea
3rd Place  

Diana Gulyas Oldal, M.Sc. student, AMPM Center, KAUST

Presentation: Electrospun Nanofibrous Mats with Tunable Porosity obtained from Green Resources

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Catherine de Castro, Post-doc, KSC, KAUST

Scientific Talks
1st PlaceAfnan AlBatati, Ph.D. student, KSC, KAUST
Presentation: Nanostructured Electrodes for Efficient Energy Harvesting and Green Hydrogen Production
2nd PlaceLuis Lanzetta, Post-doc, KSC, KAUST
Presentation: Degradation mechanism of hybrid tin perovskite solar cells: reasons for their instability and solutions towards stable photovoltaics
3rd Place

Miguel Figueroa Labastida, PhD student, CCRC, KAUST

Presentation: Experimental and computational studies of methanol and ethanol preignition behind reflected shock waves

Poster Session
1st Place Shynggys Zhumagali, Ph.D. student, KSC, KAUST
Presentation: Linked nickel oxide/perovskite interface passivation for high-performance textured monolithic tandem solar cells
2nd PlaceAbhay Dokania, Ph.D. student, KCC, KAUST
Presentation: Empowering a Circular Carbon Economy via Multi-Functional Heterogeneous Catalysis
3rd Place 

Hatoon Alanqary, SRSI student, Tarbiyah Islamiyah School, Riyadh

Presentation: Electrode Material Design for Zinc-ion Batteries 

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Daniel Corzo, Ph.D. student, KSC, KAUST

Scientific Talks
1st PlaceYi Lu, Ph.D student, CEMSE, KAUST
Presentation: Monolithic Integration of Deep Ultraviolet and Visible LEDs for Radiative Sterilization
2nd PlaceMaged Saad, Research Scientist, CDA, KAUST
Presentation: DARWIN21 _Desert rhizosphere microbes for sustainable SMART agriculture
3rd Place

Intikhab Alam, Research Scientist, CBRC, KAUST

Presentation: COVID-19 virus Mutation Tracking (CovMT) with special focus on critical variants

Poster Session
1st Place 

Elodie Rey, Post-doc, CDA, KAUST

Presentation: Uncovering the wild genetic diversity in Chenopodium spp. for improvement of heat stress tolerance in quinoa

2nd PlaceNahed Mohammed, Post-doc, CDA, KAUST
Presentation: The KSA Native Genome Project
3rd Place 

Tutku Beduk, Ph.D. student, AMPM Center, KAUST

Presentation: Rapid Point-of-Care COVID-19 Diagnosis with a Machine Learning-Enabled Variant Recognition Platform

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Tihana Pensa, Ph.D. student, ANPERC, KAUST