Ayman Ghulam

CEO, National Center of Meteorology, KSA


Dr. Ayman Ghulam is Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for the National Center of Meteorology (NCM) since 18th November 2019, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Permanent Representative of Saudi Arabia at the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). He is a member of the "Permanent Arab Meteorological Committee", the Permanent Committee of Meteorology and Climate in the "Gulf Cooperation Council", and the High Authority for Capacity Development at the US National Center for Atmospheric Research.​

Dr. Ghulam was The Vice President for Meteorological Affairs with Grade 14, In the General Authority of Meteorology and Environmental Protection (GAMEP) previously known as the Presidency of Meteorology and Environment (PME) in 1995. In addition, Dr. Ghulam held several positions throughout the years; Director of Weather Modifications Techniques in the Saudi National Program of Cloud Physics Research and the Deputy of Meteorological Affairs. Also, he was Executive Council Member at the World Meteorological Organization (WMO).​

He graduated from King Abdulaziz University, with a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Meteorology specialized in Remote Sensing. Later on, Dr. Ghulam moved to Norwich, United Kingdom and received his PhD in Heavy Thunderstorm Simulation from the University of East Anglia in 2007.​

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Climate Variations and Changes; Where do we stand - Chair: Ibrahim Hoteit
10:45 AM

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Professor, Earth Science and Engineering, KAUST, KSA

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Ayman Ghulam

CEO, National Center of Meteorology, KSA

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